Engaging spaces for people of the world

Our work enhances the inhabited environment to promote meaningful interaction.

Throughout our 45+ years of business is the belief that construction projects provide an opportunity to improve the lives of building owners, occupiers, communities, and the future generations that will inherit the decisions we make today.

Our people and projects are our legacy. They will speak for us long after we are gone.

There is an enduring nature to the work we do.

BOON is your local and diverse team of design thinkers, problem solvers and project managers. From architecture, landscape and urban design, to brand and way-finding + event and site experience – we take pride in the meaningful change we create around us.


Moving into the next phase of the pandemic – A new normal?

“When a situation feels temporary, it feeds fatigue because everyone remains in a holding pattern. That energy should be used to develop new patterns and rituals,” Andy Lantz RCH Studios Creative Director says. “The challenge is to integrate design thinking,