Womad Site Design


Taranaki Arts Festival Trust


New Plymouth

Completion Date


  • Architecture
  • Landscape Design
  • Planning
Every year, Brooklands Park and the Bowl of Brooklands are transformed.

The site design links and identifies venues, landmarks and spaces for all activities.

The site design is about people, culture, creativity, and New Zealand. The colours, shapes and forms of the site design elements are lively and are designed to enhance the festivities of the event. Flower towers (landmarks incorporating information and signage) are situated in key site locations. These multi-faceted origami inspired structures appear to sprout from the ground. Native flora standards line processional routes, celebrating iconic New Zealand flora such as Kowhai and Pohutukawa flowers. Amongst the landscape, large scale, colourful, three-dimensional letters spell out WOMAD. Letters are intended to be climbed, sat on and interacted with for fun.