Pukekura Park Master Planning




New Plymouth

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  • Master Planning
  • Architecture
Pukekura Park has provided public open space in the heart of New Plymouth since 1876.

The Green Flag award winning park comprises around 52 hectares of tranquility and entertainment for the New Plymouth's residents and visitors.

Pukekura Park’s Reserve Management Plan is undergoing a review process. Boon was engaged to provide design input for two areas of  Pukekura Park to inform the 2022 public consultation process and subsequent Pukekura Park reserve management plan. Firstly, the Bellringer Pavilion and Liardet street entry. The 1988 alterations of the Bellringer Pavilion have compromised the structural integrity of the building. It has seismic issues, does not meet current building standards and the subfloor at ground level is deteriorating rapidly. There are accessibility and capacity issues, and it no longer meets the requirements for first-class cricket. The design process involving engagement with NPDC stakeholders, friends of the Pukekura Park and Taranaki Cricket Association, extrapolating the functional brief and innovating for future use. Sustainability and sensitivity to the surrounding natural landscape are fundamental to this design. The architectural features recede into the green landscape with a proposed green roof and new location for the pavilion. The second portion of design work was focused on future proofing a well-known New Plymouth landmark; the Bowl of Brooklands. Again, with robust stakeholder engagement to gain a holistic brief and associated concept design for the future-use of the “bowl” and surrounding landscape amenity. The design includes increasing the capacity for concerts at the natural amphitheater with piles for a more flexible but semi-permanent structure to cover the lake for that intimate concert experience, while retaining the lake for everyday park use. A shared plaza space at the top of the hill, and terraced seating to the upper part of the hill simply creating a better experience for event goer’s and park users alike.