Our Values

By definition a BOON is a thing that is helpful or beneficial.

Our practice culture is guided by our company values. Priority is given to purpose, people, inquiry + innovation and the future.


We place people at the very centre of our ethos and we design with people in mind.
Engagement is important. So too is empathy. We actively listen, celebrate diversity and appreciate the relationships we have with our wider team, consultants, contractors and our clients. We trust each other. Respect, transparency and honesty are important in how we do business. We openly exchange ideas, avoid assumptions and believe no question is too basic to ask. We value and support all contributors and engage our clients in our thinking process, not just the outcome. We celebrate success, together.


There is purpose to everything we do and how we go about it. 
We’re intentional, accountable, conscious operators who are passionate about creating meaningful design solutions and strong relationships with those we partner with. To do this, we apply logic and emotion in equal measure.


Inquiry and innovation inform our practice.
With a drive for continuous improvement and adding value, our people are accomplished, curious, and resourceful problem solvers. We praise initiative, ask great questions, learn from the past, challenge status quo paradigms and practices and always seek out best fit solutions. We are dynamic, adaptable and energetic not only as individuals but as a team


We look to the future.
There is an enduring nature to the work we do. We believe that value is added because relevance, foresight and commitment are key to our approach. We take a big picture, long-term view and are proud of the legacy that results from this. The benefits people reap from our team being future focused are ongoing. We are a vital group of engaged practitioners who are fun to work with. We recognise and own the pivotal role we have to play in social and environmental change. Our expertise and a love for the work we do, gives us a leading voice in our industry.

We take pride in the work we do and have fun doing it.