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The wall-less environment is designed to inspire the out-of-the-box thinking needed in today’s world.

Green School New Zealand Kina is the second stage in the Green School campus development. The school has seen the transformation of a 60-hectare farm into a place of conscious learning that has a special connection to nature.

The Kina takes the concept of neuro-architecture, or designing to enhance cognitive function and emotional wellbeing, and applies it to education in a way that sets a new benchmark for learning facilities. The building structure has eight rooms that currently host primary learners, office staff, and has both undercover and exposed outdoor spaces for play, performing arts, reading, learning and more.

The brief placed importance on continuing the visual impact of natural, modern, soft form and curiosity-invoking objects in the landscape, which had been applied to the campus’ first stage – three “waka” classrooms. The brief also called for experiential qualities that would cater to new arrivals and the younger students, while feeling welcoming and nurturing.

As the design developed radial curves on the circular plane were explored, and the Kina metaphor took hold. This was then embraced the form, patterns and textures associated with this ubiquitous feature of coastal Aotearoa. By intentionally selecting shapes derived from nature Green School learners are immediately connected to the natural environment, making the school’s commitment to teaching sustainability and creating mindful learners much more purposeful.

Through sustainable material selection, and innovative building techniques and products. GSNZ buildings have been by design faster to build, higher performing and less wasteful than most others by quite a margin — 60% less to landfill.