TSB Christchurch Branch





Completion Date


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
With a brand refresh and refocus on culture. The customer environment was priority to achieve a space reflective TSB's brand aspirations.

Hailed TSB’s flagship branch, the new customer space is a functional interior that entices the customer to continually choose TSB as their banking service provider.

Opening in early 2021 the new TSB Christchurch branch provides a customer-centric experience that embraces and promotes the TSB brand.

It has a key focus on the security, health, and wellbeing of both staff and visitors. The space is designed to be welcoming with a personal touch, while offering all the technological advances of new-age banking. A sensory experience is provided through the use of materials and textures, fittings, lighting, and technology. An impressive suspended transparent LED screen façade gives the ability for key messaging to engage foot traffic without sacrificing the natural light provided by the extensive double height front glazing. The technology also allows for flexibility in messaging and experience. Inside, marketing displays work to aid in the customer’s branch journey with key banking zones utilizing visual screens and light box combinations, as well as a large curved LED screen for an encapsulated brand experience.
TSB acknowledged their service experience had to be reflective of their culture, and their business aspirations. Following the success of the Christchurch branch, the next stage is to roll out the TSB branch experience nationwide.