GQ Interior


Govett Quilliam


New Plymouth

Completion Date


  • Interior Architecture
  • NZIA Regional Interior Architecture Award
Govett Quilliam's new office sets a new benchmark for legal workplace design.

With relocation of law firm Govett Quilliam's office, BOON developed a hybrid workplace that will serve the company now and into the future.

‘Offices’ without walls, traditional office spaces, non-allocated quiet rooms, breakout hubs and open and flexible workstations – will be the new normal for Govett Quilliam at the completion of their new workplace.

It’s a design that takes into consideration the changing nature of the practice of law, from a profession perceived to be stuck in the past to one that’s embracing technology and different ways of working with clients.

The new workplace represents the values of Govett Quilliam, which include a commitment to embracing diversity and bringing clients and staff closer together. Equity of space – To support a more fluid and cooperative way of working, there are a number of central public zones that support noisier group activities and impromptu meetings.

In contrast to this, there is also a range of quiet shared spaces utilizing sound absorption materials and panels where confidentially is required. The introduction of living greenery and hanging plants will help achieve the clients goal of a healthier more vibrant workplace.