TSB Mahi Tahi




New Plymouth

Completion Date


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • NZIA Regional Architecture Award 2021
  • Resene Colour Award 2021
Mahi Tahi sets a benchmark in collaborative workplace design. A complete transformation to a high tech new age work space.

This space has been completely striped back and no longer consists of solid walls and doors creating barriers to staff connection. The new space allows for optimal flexibility and supports connection, innovation and progression.

This 465m2 interior project completed over 9months is the result of a highly collaborative design process between client, design and construction teams. The brief was to convert the level three interior space from one of an aging corporate office building to a space that reflected TSB’s culture of connection, growth, collaboration, and success. The brief for space was to create a highly functional and adaptable workplace environment with technology that allows staff to innovate and collaborate. The space was also to provide a shared informal staff space and kitchen.

Our design response was focused on creating an environment with a naturally productive atmosphere. We likened the desired dynamic and productive climate to that of which you would find in a glasshouse. Creating zones that would aid idea propagation, innovation, and cultivation while also providing staff nourishment and replenishment.

With a focus on creating a naturally productive atmosphere, materials have been selected based upon their environmental qualities. We specified an abundance of indoor plants and other natural materials including, timber joinery, NZ wool, and natural rubber as well as glass for increased natural lighting

The design is very supportive of staff wellbeing and this is championed not only through material selection but also in terms of layout – The placement of the shared staff space toward the north end away from the main entrance of the space encourages staff to walk through. Thus enabling opportunities for connectivity with others that staff might not normally see at the office otherwise.