Fraser Park Sportsville


Hutt City Community Facilities Trust


Lower Hutt

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  • Master Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • Business Feasibility
  • Funding Strategy
"Ultimately, what we are trying to achieve is a strong community where everyone can participate."

Throughout New Zealand, clubs and societies are struggling.

With a lack of funding, decreasing membership, fewer volunteers and the cost of running clubs and managing buildings is becoming increasingly difficult. The new Ricoh Sports Centre at Fraser Park Sportsville allows sporting groups to come together and share facilities with centralised management. The Sportsville model provides a strong concept to help protect and foster clubs through partnerships. It aims to create a single facility which supports the clubs and wider communities, making it easier to; attract new members, offer new programs and control operational costs by sharing resources.

BOON provided professional and design team services for the redevelopment of the existing Multipurpose Sports Complex at Fraser Park.

To overcome the complex nature of bringing together multiple sports and stakeholders, the Ricoh Sports Centre is a 360 degree building; designed to accommodate a multitude of sport at every face. It forms the heart of the Sportsville, the meeting point and the shelter and ultimately where people come together.

Overall, it aims to bring together the numerous potential users in a single, cohesive building and field development in order to create a sustainable legacy for the Council and community. The design includes flexible, multi-use spaces for a large and diverse group of athletes, administrators, and spectators. Accommodation includes provision for office and sports administration spaces, social/club rooms, indoor facility for loose recreation and training (including cricket), playground, fitness centre, physio and first aid rooms, six squash courts, change rooms, and a café.