The Adaptability Quotient – In Review

'Collaboration always trumps genius'

Described as an attitude rather than a learned skill by Tane Hunter -  Co-founder of future crunch, cancer researcher, bio-informatician, and science communicator.

We tuned into Tane when he presented what was a timely webinar on the Adaptability Quotient recently. It was an opportunity for us to fill up our own think tanks… and it did not disappoint, leaving the thought provoking conversations flowing in the lunch room.


Below is a selection of interesting points pondered by our team post webinar;

  • ‘Human ability to hold strong opinions but hold them lightly’ – An interesting and important concept of an ability that allows us to stay open minded while also allowing our mind to fully engage in creative process without inhibiting it with societal expectations and urban conformity. This is extremely important for innovation as it allows us to let our old ideas go to make way for new ones.   – Krystel Cudmore (Designer)


  • ‘The amateur mindset’ – The idea of adoring the endeavor of new or the unfamiliar and not letting a lack of expertise you may have stifle you in embarking on a particular journey. – Daniel McEwan (Landscape Architect)


  • ‘Ego can have an effect on your AQ.’ An ability to admit lack of knowledge in an area and seek out others to enable greater learning and better outcomes. – Krystel Cudmore (Designer)


  • ‘You are what you eat’ A diet comparison related to what humans consume in terms of information. Thinking of how information can feed us and be nutritious while being conscious of when your are consuming junk information – a balanced and varied diet of information can set us up for a higher Adaptability Quotient . Caren Nunes (Designer & Urbanist)


  • ‘Collaboration always trumps genius’ –  ‘In a complex world, a willingness to change your mind and way of thinking is a super power’ –  Project leaders often have great expertise but the best leaders make it evident they have ability to let their ideas evolve, and accept that a good idea can come from any contributor. Erin Wesley (Marketing & Operations)


Fill your own think tank, by watching the full webinar above… We highly recommend.


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