Taupo AC Baths


Taupo District Council



Completion Date


  • Architecture
  • Master Planning
A vibrant and cohesive complex that provides a fun and enjoyable visitor experience.

BOON were commissioned by Taupo District Council to develop a master plan for the repair & upgrade of their existing AC Baths aquatic facility.

The existing complex was disjointed with a lack of orientation upon arrival. The facility contained a mixture of indoor & outdoor pools, change rooms, toilets, staff & life guard facilities and a Café, spread over 4 different buildings & outdoor areas. The need for the re-organisation of these spaces was met through reviewing the everyday use of the pools. Solutions were derived for each area/ function including Leisure, Lap swimming, Learn to swim and more.

In the process of creating clarity between the functions within the complex, several buildings were either fully or partially demolished and a new arrivals area was built to link the remaining building. Upon entering the arrivals area provides a clear view of the complex and allows for easy access to the change rooms and the various pools and facilities on offer.

A new café was built with spaces for indoor & outdoor seating all with views of the complex allowing the facility to be family friendly. Having these observation opportunities creates an atmosphere both desired by children and adults alike. The desire to allow easy and safe movement around wet areas meant change rooms and other support spaces were re-planed for better functionality and all were fully refurbished. The pools internal environment was improved with upgraded ventilation and lighting creating a state of the art aquatic facility with high quality indoor environments.

The result is a vibrant and cohesive complex that provides a fun and enjoyable visitor experience.