Powerco Project Open




New Plymouth

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Master Planning

Our client recognised that well-designed commercial premises can improve staff productivity and well-being.

An existing storage shed building has been transformed into a modern, open plan office space containing over 60 work stations, a mezzanine floor with five meeting rooms, as well as new kitchen and recycling areas.

Three large light wells containing bamboo plants are a unique feature of the design. The light wells open up to the outside, letting filtered light into the space similar to an enclosed courtyard. Rain trickles down to water the fast-growing bamboo plants. The light wells also function as glazed vented stacks, an energy conservation system for ventilation and climate control. Another element of sustainable design implemented in Project Open is rainwater collection for reuse in the surrounding irrigation systems and rainwater gardens.

Project Open transformed the Powerco Junction Street site into a safe, environmentally friendly, campus style space for staff and visitors alike.