Papaioea Place Social Housing


Palmerston North City Council


Palmerston North

Completion Date


  • Master Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • NZIA Regional Architecture Award 2020
Social housing designed to enhance the residents' quality of living.

Aiming to put to ‘social’ back into social housing, the new Palmerston North housing development is setting a new standard for local social housing models.

The Papaioea Place social housing was a project in collaboration with Palmerston North City Council. The state of the social housing on the street was described by residents as “old, not comfortable, and cold”. Signalling a shift from large, unmanageable sections to clean, warm, high-density housing, Papaoiea is a prime display of land efficiency.

Designed to enhance the residents’ quality of living, the new units are open-plan, with eco-friendly, future proof features. All units are double glazed and well insulated. They also have a 4-star life mark certification, which means that the flats have the facilities to meet tenant lifetime mobility and agility needs.

Making the development higher-density and designing it specifically to facilitate interactions means that the housing is not only providing new homes, but creating communities too.