Papaioea Place Social Housing


Palmerston North City Council


Palmerston North

Completion Date


  • Master Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
Social housing designed to enhance the residents' quality of living.

Aiming to put to ‘social’ back into social housing, the new Palmerston North housing development is setting a new standard for local social housing models.

The Papaioea Place social housing was a project in collaboration with Palmerston North City Council. The state of the social housing on the street was described by residents as “old, not comfortable, and cold”. Signalling a shift from large, unmanageable sections to clean, warm, high-density housing, Papaoiea is a prime display of land efficiency.

Designed to enhance the residents’ quality of living, the new units are open-plan, with eco-friendly, future proof features. All units are double glazed and well insulated. They also have a 4-star life mark certification, which means that the flats have the facilities to meet tenant lifetime mobility and agility needs.

Making the development higher-density and designing it specifically to facilitate interactions means that the housing is not only providing new homes, but creating communities too.