New Plymouth Girls’ High School


New Plymouth

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  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design

Design and project management tasks continue in the realisation of NPGHS'S property plan. BOON has consistently worked on projects with NPPGHS since the acceptance of the plan and funding provision for implementation of projects.

NPGHS Hall Upgrade

The 2008/2009 renovation of the school hall including redevelopment of the foyer, building exterior and an upgrade of stage engineering. The school hall, well designed in its day was in need of a makeover, but also needed to become a flexible multi use building. Careful re planning allowed space for a kitchen and additional storage. Accessibility issues were addressed and new seating installed.


The original 1880’s assembly hall was converted into a new Year 13 common rooms. With the addition of ‘funky’ lighting, the space has taken a more modern feel, while still retaining the original character.

‘O’ for old, the oldest building in the school, with uninspiring classrooms, dark corridors and dingy store rooms was given a new lease on life with light and bright colours, increased natural light, improved acoustics and energy efficient heat exchange ventilation. The addition of modern technology has created classrooms perfect for learning and teaching.

NPGHS Science Labs

Four science labs and adjacent store rooms were completely stripped and built again.

The layouts of the labs were replanned to suit modern teaching methods and the introduction of technology such as data projectors and smart boards. Fume cupboards were also incorporated. Storage was designed
for efficiency and safety. A heat exchange ventilation system was incorporated to provide year round control of air quality while maintaining energy efficiency

NPGHS Wharenui Upgrade

The existing Māori Studies space and adjacent kitchen were tired and in need of new life.

A simple tidy up, fresh paint and new heating and lighting was complimented by natural plywood joinery, bold carpet selection and Tuku Tuku panel inspired designs using Autex on the walls. Simple CNC routed column surrounds and vinyl graphics on glazed
doors added the finishing touches incorporating traditional design in a contemporary context.
The result is a modern and comfortable learning environment with improved lighting, acoustics, heating and ITC integration

NPGHS New Food and Textiles Rooms

The school existing food technology rooms were dated and in need of attention. The school took this opportunity to build new food rooms and a textiles room to allow the existing rooms to be used during construction, thus creating a smooth transition from old to new.

The new modern rooms are designed to allow flexibility of teaching style and curriculum delivery, with easy access to adjacent storage areas and teacher office. The new rooms are linked to adjacent teaching spaces with new spacious foyer space and an outdoor deck, providing easy pedestrian flow between rooms and to the rest of the school as well as space for independent learning or simply room to spread out when required