Maidstone Park Master Plan


Upper Hutt City Council


Upper Hutt

Completion Date


  • Needs Assessment
  • Funding Strategy
  • Master Planning

Maidstone Park is Upper Hutt’s most central park, and the sports hub of the city.

BOON and their partners joined to conduct a peer review previous community facility needs assessment reporting for development of a Maidstone Park master plan, operational model and funding strategy.

The scope of the master plan included a site analysis, site plan and 3D model views showing the different zones, roading infrastructure along with new and existing structures. Included in the scope was also the development of a Central Park Clubroom and Indoor Multipurpose Space Concept as well as a new greenroom development. Several years later BOON with SGL were then asked to further update this Master Plan work

Stage 1 of the master plan has been completed and includes:

+ Artificial Hockey Turf

+ Artificial Football/Rugby Turf

+ Artificial Practice Turf

+ Repurposed and refurbished clubroom and public amenities

+ Carpark expansion