Arborio N.P. Limited


New Plymouth

Completion Date


  • Interior Design
Housed in New Plymouth’s Puke Ariki, Arborio is a restaurant with a difference.

Back lit glass, stainless steel ‘plate’ counter-tops and graphics provide the basic tools to set the scene.

Combine this with texture on the walls using stained timber battens and a proprietary polycarbonate backlit weave, and the patrons experience is enhanced. Existing steel columns in the dining areas were shielded with an array of perspex fins – subtle reference to the ‘hour glass’ form. Theatre and drama by way of L.E.D. and fibre optic technology was introduced to the backlit bar counter and wall. The lights are programmable and can be set to change over a period of time adding another dimension. The open kitchen theatre is a deliberate detail to enhance a voyeuristic experience for the discerning.