Antunovic House



Completion Date


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • NZIA Regional Architecture Award, 2008
  • NZIA Resene Colour Award, Residential Architecture, 2008
  • NZIA Regional Architecture Award Winner, 2012
Small details connect the house to its environment.

This is a four bedroom residence in the shape of a “long house”. that offers open plan living with transparency to the environment. The ‘kids pod’ and adult section of the house are kept separate, linked by a TV room.

The site offers open plan living. The ‘kids pod’ and adult section of the house are kept separate but are linked with a TV room.

Visitors cross water to enter through a precast concrete shelter and are welcomed by a concrete foyer with a pink door.

Materials were chosen carefully to suit the extreme conditions of the site. This included stained plywood and cedar battens, glass, precast concrete and steel. Cost effective materials such as Onduline were used along the south façade to give a striking texture and to accentuate the building’s linear form against the horizon. Driving towards the house you notice how the top of a wall merges with the horizon at one point and then rises above. Floors are sealed, lightly tinted concrete which warm up the home and act as a solar heat store. Wide timber decking accentuates the linear form of the plan along the northern side. Energy efficient fluorescent lighting is adopted throughout the house.

More recently a bathroom addition was completed, featuring panoramic vistas with a large triple sliding glass door which opens the entire space to the external environment.