David Siber


Senior Design Technician

Dave is an Architectural Designer and Draftsman, with qualifications from Taranaki Polytechnic.

He has been with the firm for a number of years, between 1994 & 1998 before joining us again in 2011.

As the practice leader in BIM, Dave has played a key role in the establishment and growth of management systems which has kept BOON a keen competitor in our technologically driven industry. His leadership in this role has also significantly increased the standardization of repetitive documentation function.

With key projects across a number of sectors; hospitality, residential, sports and recreation and commercial, Dave is a proven talented and driven Draftsman with a keen eye for detail and established relationships with clients and contractors alike.

When he’s not at BOON, you can find Dave snowboarding and mountain biking up maunga Taranaki.