Moving into the next phase of the pandemic – A new normal?

‘In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity.’ — Albert Einstein

“When a situation feels temporary, it feeds fatigue because everyone remains in a holding pattern. That energy should be used to develop new patterns and rituals,” Andy Lantz RCH Studios Creative Director says. “The challenge is to integrate design thinking, albeit measured and smart, into measures that aren’t temporary. Make it real.” He adds.

As BOON moves into the next phase, we – like many other businesses – are finding our feet and forging what many consider a path with altered direction and new obstacles. As we emerge from the holding pattern of the secluded home office and into a socially distanced future, we look to affirm our Purpose.

BOON – as a company, a team, and a group of professionals – have always stood in support of socially uplifting and sustainable development for provincial New Zealand. The events of the past 8 weeks, and the predictions for the months and years ahead, will inevitably throw a fresh set of challenges at us. They may simply accelerate those issues that were already playing out in our districts and region. They may also make us focus more closely on the things that are unique to our situation, the values we wish to be identified with, and the solutions that most benefit our people and our place.

This week exercise classes are back, cafes are open, the school bell will ring again and in our studio we resume face to face collaboration albeit physically distant. It’s joyous; The holding pattern now has distractions, the fatigue is fading and new normal is emerging.  “We know from prior challenging times that when the going gets tough, be creative,” says Scott Hudson, CEO of Henrybuilt. Designers thrive in constrained situations like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the best work done in a long time happens in the next couple of years.” He adds.

So with this in mind we’re forging ahead to work on our best work yet. We’re playing it safe to support the health of our whanau and communities, but we’re pushing boundaries in support of the future. Pop in and say hello, sign our guest register and lets innovate together!


Author: BOON - Design Thinkers