Critical Infrastructure

Design that supports operation of critical facilities.

Every workspace is different.

While some operate between a classic 9-5, some services are needed around the clock. Critical infrastructural systems, networks and assets are incredibly essential. Their continued operation is required to ensure that the security of a nations economy, health and safety are maintained.

It is essential that these workplaces are equipped from the inside, out. This means that structurally its building performance is well-equipped and well-designed for post-disaster response, and that as a workplace it is functionally designed to enhance its staff’s productivity and well being.

Critical infrastructural design requires a multidisciplinary team with specialist knowledge, skills and considerations.

It is essential that these builds are executed with precision to ensure a resilient structure is created.

Early establishment of critical project success criteria is crucial. This is an effective approach to ensure that design brief formation and monitoring throughout all project phases is monitored. From discussion with key personnel these considerations may include the following:


+ Fully informed client and stakeholders – ensure optimum organisational ownership of, and pride in, the completed facility.

+ Affordability and operational sustainability – effective capital spend and cost efficient to operate in regards to energy use, routine and long term maintenance.

+ Long term fitness for purpose – based on efficiency of planning, operational functionality, flexibility and adaptability of long term use / allowance for new technologies, safety of users, and capacity for adaptability and growth.

+ Resilience – confidence in ability to maintain core services function in emergency or post-disaster event.

+ High quality and contemporary spatial and visual design – recognising the organisation as an industry leader and quality employer.

+ Time, cost & quality – aiming to meet and exceed expectations.


The early establishment of this critical project criteria is central to ensuring that design supports operation. Centring client, customer and stakeholder safety and well being allows us to deliver meaningful, resilient results.