Challenging town centre aspirations

People ignore design that ignores people.

Town center infrastructure can be a make or break situation for a growing township.

It has the potential of bringing together a disjointed community or falling flat.

Putting place making at the center of design is central to ensuring that town center aspirations are both met and exceeded. To do this, engagement with a variety of stakeholders is key: from locals, to iwi, partners, businesses and council.

People should be being at the very heart of any design ethos of these transformative projects. Active listening and a celebration of the accountability to the communities the design serves turns a space into a place to remember.

But there are often concerns from stakeholders in conducting these projects. Worries over project delivery, time and budgets can stifle visions to improve town centres and the communities they serve.


Problem: Unclear investment development and financial modelling

There are a number of models that are useful in utilising to deliver projects alongside clients . Some include,

+ Co-Design, Co-Invest, Co- Delivery

+ Management Investor options

+ Public/ Private Partnerships

+ Specialist Corporate Interest

+ Social Enterprise

+ Partner Programming

+ Philanthropic Potential


Problem: How do we ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in this process?

Through thorough and expansive community engagement. Our team are experts in gauging input from a range of stakeholders with tact and pragmatism. Establishing a benchmark to determine existing community and potential partner expectations and delivering on them begins with this consultation. Some methods can include:

+ Face-to-face survey of potential partners, stakeholders, community representatives and residents.

+ Invitation of community representatives/stakeholders to form a community liaison group.The community liaison group can assist with engagement and communication activities.

+ Inviting community input in a scenario development roadshow. The roadshow can move between school facility, churches, local shopping centre and other targeted areas

+ Establishing a connected form of communication with community members who have committed to the engagement process


Engaging communities for better futures.