A Place to Stand

Empowering and connecting communities.

Marae lie at the heart of Te Ao Māori.

This sacred space is where the values and philosophies of hapu are affirmed, celebrated and shared. More than that, for tangata whenua it is their place to stand in the world – empowered and connected.

In undertaking Marae projects, keen awareness of the the intricacies of local kawa and tikanga is necessary in fully appreciating the project’s aspirations.

Here, relationships are important. So too is respect. Understanding the visions of hapu for their Marae not only requires technical heritage experience, but an understanding of how tradition, story and history is weaved in the very fabric of its built environment. Grasping this is central to ensuring marae are future-proof, with respect for the past.

Over our 40 years of experience, we have worked with a number of hapū across Aotearoa on their projects.

Concerns over budget, heritage, design, occupancy and accessibility are often why their design visions are put on the back-burner for years.


Problem: Maintenance costs.      

In cases where the maintenance of heritage buildings are too high, BOON will undertake a feasibility study where we consider how we can best conserve and improve the buildings and assess different potential funding strands and models to make sure it happens.


Problem: We want our buildings to maintain their integrity and mana.

This is central to our design of these spaces. Engagement is important in ensuring that our client’s vision is met and exceeded. We have a vigorous and extensive engagement process which include a number of hui, workshops and opportunities for critique. Ultimately, we celebrate our accountability to our clients and are sure that our design respects and reflects our client.


Problem: Accessibility

Over a number of key projects, concerns over accessibility have been present. In particular, making the building more friendly for kaumatua has been of prime consideration. With our specialist knowledge in accessible design, making sure everyone can participate in the day-to-day at Marae is easily done.


Problem: Occupancy issues

Making sure there’s enough space for guests is a huge consideration. If your aim is to bring more people home, more space is needed. Even further, making sure kaumatua have appropriate accommodation is incredibly important in ensuring all people are adequately supported for their needs.


Over our 40 years of experience, we have worked with a number of iwi and hapu groups. We have a strong affinity for working with these groups, as they allow us to engage with local understandings, knowledge and history which inevitably enriches our firm.